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COVO Hair Salon Review (ADV)
`°•.¸¸.•°` Monday, June 22, 2015 `°•.¸¸.•°`
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I have always been envious of girls whose hands are so gifted in styling their own hair. I've read through fashion magazines, watched YouTube tutorials, followed stylists on Instagram and Facebook but I have never quite gotten the hang of styling my own hair. How do you even use that steaming hot iron tong without burning your face! :(

I have friends, both ladies and gentlemen, who visit hair salons every quarter to keep their mane in check. Don't you agree with me that visiting the salon is a very expensive experience? Dyeing my long hair will easily cost me $180 if I visit any salon in town, that is before adding in the cost of treatment! For me, I would gladly choose to dye my hair at home myself and save the money. That's why I'll only go to the salon possibly only twice a year? Hahaha. It is no wonder "my hair is like a fly".

Then again, what you pay is what you get.

While DIY hair dye is really cheap and easy, the cheap chemical damage your hair and affects the growth of new hair. The colour NEVER lasts. No matter which colour base I choose (brown/red/ash green/mocha), my hair always ends up in a shabby yellowish tone like the photos above. I know my hair has turned yellowish for quite a while and I thought it was still okay. But no it was NOT OKAY. I had no idea how I looked from behind until I saw the photos. It was not okay.

So when Agent G from Beauty Undercover invited me down to Covo Hair Salon for a sponsored hair service, it was god-sent! I was already searching for a place to get my hair done and Agent G's message came in just in time. 

Located in the heart of Tanjong Pagar district, Covo Hair Salon is a true blue Japanese Salon run by Japanese. Like finally! I visited Japan two years back and was amazed how everyone looked so good. The Japanese culture puts everyone at the top of their game when it comes to dressing up and looking good. Even the elderly looks like a fashionista! So I know I am put into good hands in Covo Hair Salon :)

Upon reaching, I was served a cup of hot tea and titbits to keep my tummy happy. There was also a covered box on the floor for me to keep my belongings. After settling down, my stylist, Shinobu-san came out and greeted me :)

I told her my concerns about yellowish dull hair and gave her the green light to do whatever she wanted with my hair. Hahaha. That was how much I trusted her! After running through a consultation session with her, she recommended a darker shade (reddish brown) to bring out a healthier glow. She would also cut away the very dead and very damaged ends and also giving me a digital perm. I was thrilled!

Cut + Digital Perm + Carbonated Spring + Dye

Shinobu-san was really meticulous and skillful. My parting was mostly in the middle and she recommended side parting to bring out another feminine side of me. I told her again to do what she had to do. Hahaha.

After trimming, she applied perming lotion onto the ends of my hair. We waited for about 10 mins before washing off.

And the perming begins! 

I had permed by hair numerous times before so I know what to expect out of a perming session. Most of the time, I would anticipate with anxiety during the process. Would the curls turn out too tiny like maggie mee? Would I look like an old aunty after perming? Because it actually did happened in the past before:( In order to keep the curls longer, I had to to endure through having very hard curls for weeks because the curls would eventually "turn softer and natural like loose wave". Sounds familiar? Hahahah. Been there, done that.

When the stylist wasn't skillful enough, sometimes I ended up with "fish-hooks'' ends, odd sharp bends at the end of my hair. *shakes head*

But Shinobu-san was so experienced that I didn't get the fish-hooks! In fact, the ends weren't damaged! Why?

Because she takes effort in combing through every section of my hair so thoroughly before rolling it up.

Thereafter, sticks were inserted in between the rubberband and my hair to alleviate the pressure made by the rubberbands. This was to prevent ugly lines/dents caused by the rubberband during the perming.


Nope, we are not done yet:)

Shinobu-san began applying dye onto my hair, starting from my roots. This reminded me of my experiences in other salons. Usually when you engage a Senior Stylist to do your hair, the senior stylist would come in during the initial consultation and last part of  cutting and styling. They go missing during dyeing, washing and perming! They leave you to the "technicians" to do the rest while they go around handling other patrons.. The technicians are usually the juniors or hired to wash your hair/ apply treatment. You pay a high price to the Senior Stylist, but they don't follow you all the way.

What comforted me the most was the Shinobu-san did everything herself! She was in the journey with me all the time, right down to sending me out of the salon. Again, I know I was put into good hands.

Shinobu-san used carbonated spring water to wash off the chemical thoroughly, thereby achieving a cleaner and healthier hair.

After washing away the hair dye, Shinobu-san applied lotion onto my hair to make it smoother and more manageable. After which she began to blow dry my hair and trim my ends for the last time.

When I looked through the photos for the first time, I was really amazed. Under her magical hands, I transformed.

I can't resist adding a crown to my head. Hahhahaha


Recall that I looked like that!

And transformed to this!

Some points were I felt were great:

  • The whole process of dyeing and perming took around 3 hours only
  • Stylist stayed with me throughout the entire the process, handling the dyeing and washing process herself
  • I could see a huge difference before and after, giving me an instant confidence boost
  • Curls were very soft and natural directly after perming, looked no where near an aunty. Haha
All said and done, the only thing that I wished could have been better was the price. Hahaha. If only it was slightly more pocket-friendly, I think I would visit every month. Hahaha

Although they charge higher than average, there are NO extra charges for long hair, which is fantastic for girls with long hair. And the prices quoted are already inclusive of GST. What's more,

Quote "Beauty Undercover" and get 20% discount! :)

Shinobu-san is located at 
Address: 32 Tanjiong Pagar Road 088453
Tel: 6225 9706

Thank you so much Shinobu-san! You are amazing! :D 

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