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ADV: Kenaris Salon
`°•.¸¸.•°` Tuesday, August 12, 2014 `°•.¸¸.•°`
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Founded by Ken and Aris, Kenaris takes pride in grooming hair for celebrities, models and professionals from all walks of life. Put your hair into the hand's of Kenaris A-team experienced stylists and rest assured to leave the salon as a satisfied customer. I, for one, is a true convict.

Weeks back, I headed down to the highly raved salon to receive a first hand experience of letting my hair done by a renowed guru, Aris. With decades long of experience in this field, Aris has the hands of a wizard that can magically transform your hair. I wasn't even kidding! Even after perming my hair, I still face difficulties retaining the curls. I had beautiful curls, but I was just too lazy to apply the cream and spray and everything nice on my hair.

As you can see, my curls seemed fallen and sad. I wasn't too proud of my uneven hair colour too. Due to regular perming/rebonding/dyeing of my hair, the ends are usually very bright in colour, cripsy and dry. As a result, my hair gets tangled so easily I stopped combing my hair. :(

Meeting Aris
Here's Aris, running her fingers through my mare and deciding which potion is the best for me. Hahaha. While we were chatting, she casually twirl my hair around her fingers as if she was playing with my hair. She did this a couple of time (with nothing/no cream in her hands), and suddenly I saw beautiful natural curls hanging down my shoulders! I was amazed. I tried doing what she did with the another lock of hair but all I get was messing up my hair. Aris' philosophy was that you need to "communicate" with your hair while styling them up. This is too high level. Only a guru can comprehend and practise that.

Aris's Secret Potion
Aris is well-known for perming ladies' hair. As I just had my hair permed not long ago, Aris decided to give my hair a healthier shade. She created a "Cool Brown" shade, a concoction she created on her own for me. It was a chromatic brown tone with hint of green under different light. No bleaching was required.

Aris' technician sectioned my hair bit by bit and applied the hair dye in 3 parts: He took care of the middle part, followed by the ends and eventually going back to the roots. 

Kenaris' Signature Hair Wash
I waited for about 30 minutes approximately and was ushered to the basin. How do I determine whether my stylist is good? Judge him/her based on the hair wash service. And Kenaris' Signature hair wash tops the chart easily. My honest opinion. I am pretty good at giving shoulder and neck massages. The strength, the acupuncture points, the rotation (not pinching the skin) are crucial points which affect the massage. Sometimes I'll massage my neck and head in the bathroom while I bathe and I still get goosebumps myself. So I can say I'm still rather good at this. Hahaha. I have been to many salons, had plentiful hair washes over the years. Only when a hair wash triggers my goosebumps can it be deemed good. And kenaris delivers that. I give my thumbsup for this.

To all my readers, go try it at least once to feel it yourself.

After waking up from my 10~15 minutes hair wash therapy session, I was back at my seat for hair treatment. Kenaris uses Redken products exclusively so quality can be assured. I had a 3-step treatment process.

How a stylist styles/sections her customer's hair during the treatment process tells a lot about the stylist's character and experience. A lot of time, I get stylists haphazardly bunning up my hair or creating weird hairdo as if I was filming for some ancient 古装戏. You know what I mean. I feel that many stylists only come in at the every last stage of the procedure as it was the most important part of the session. Most stylists couldn't care less about what happen during the process since treatment was just another minor procedure they had to go through. On the contrary, I felt stylists who put in effort in every part of the session are the one who makes the cut (pun intended).

Aris won my heart when she carefully rolled up my hair into a neat bun. It goes to show how 細心 she was and she takes pride in her work, regardless of whichever stage we are at. 

As usual, steaming of hair is required to aid in the absorption of the nutrients.

Look at my happy face as Aris works her magic again.

One last step of treatment...

Aris' magic fingers casting spells on my hair.

Lo and behold
A way healthier even shade. I love it!

My hair is shiny and glossy now. :)

Thank you Aris!

Ken and Aris were so kind to give me two of their products as well! The pillow proof series products leave your hair feeling light and bouncy without sticky feeling on your hair. No more flat hair!

HAIR TIP: Spray some dry shampoo on your hair to remove the excess oil to give it that bouncy feel any time of the day! Particularly useful for permed hair like mine (definitely something new I learnt today… Thanks Aris!!)

Overall, I really enjoyed my time at Kenaris! Aris was very professional, Redken Chromatic Hair Colour gave me such lovely looking hair and the hair wash is just amazing… no wonder they won the Harper’s Bazaar Intense Hair Colour award!
After experiencing it for myself, I’m happy to recommend Kenaris to all my friends!
Do remember to make your appointment first before heading down!

Kenaris is located at:


501 Orchard Road 
#04-03 Wheelock Place
 Singapore 238880

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday: 10.30am - 8pm
Saturday: 10.30am - 7pm
Sunday & Public Holidays: 10.30am - 6.30pm

6333 8209


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